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So the reason I haven’t been posting for a while is that we had a big wedding to prepare.  A couple of happy Jung SuwonWarriors got married!  (Here is the happy couple at Jung Suwon….)

Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim recommends this after a long day, when you are all tired, had all the restaurant food you ever want to see, are caked out, and simply want to relax and have some good old home style meal.  Of course, do make this ahead of time, the last thing you want to do that day is cook….

If you look at some of my previous posts, you could try any of the soups I mentioned – they would work well.  If you need something more substantial, try to make a roast a couple of days before and keep on hand.

Or, if you really like a spicy pick-me-up, try this old and tried recipe for Gulasch.


Use stew meat – coat all pieces in flour that was seasoned with salt and pepper;

heat olive oil in a pot, put in a couple of tablespoons ground garlic, add sliced onions – about 1/2 as much onions in volume as you have meat and brown

add meat, brown on all sides, add Hungarian paprika if you can get it, else use regular paprika, if you like it really spicy, cut up a small hot green pepper and add

Add beef soup (water will do in a pinch) to at least cover the meat, you can use more if you like Gulasch more like a soup, cover, and cook until meat is soft.  This dish improves when it cooks for long time over low heat and is ideal for a crock pot.  Just before you serve it, add salt, paprika and red pepper to taste, and if you like, serve with a tablespoon of sour cream on top.

You could also add some cut up potatoes 10 minutes before serving.  You can serve this with rice, or noodles, or simply with some French bread.  I guarantee you, it’s good, soothing and thoroughly enjoyable.

I will leave you with this quote from Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, which comes in handy during the crazy time of wedding preparations:

Always find something to appreciate – no matter what.  Appreciation does wonders to keep your mind free from the heavy negativity that encloses you in limitation, fear, and oppression.  You have seen those hot air balloons that rise so lightly?  Appreciation is like the force that tosses out the weights that keep the balloons on the ground.  Without those weights, the balloons rise naturally and freely.  That’s how you can be when you allow appreciation and gratitude to fill your heart and mind.  Appreciation keeps you focused on good things, and this causes more good to manifest.” (The Silent Master, page 156)

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