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I wanted to write more about breakfast foods, and I want to mention a very simple, yet healthy and nourishing breakfast.  korean-fancy-breakfastI am talking rice and kimchi here and not like the fancy foods in the picture I posted.

 Again, Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim was my source.  She has a knack of knowing what does a body good, and what gives you energy to sustain you.  Of course, rice and kim chi tastes great any time of day, but the way she showed me to expand on the concept, it’s a sure winner.

If you have a rice pot, make some mixed rice, with brown rice, some beans (soak them before you cook them), millet, sesame seeds or whatever you feel comfortable with.  Korean stores sell some great already mixed bags of grain.  When the rice is almost done, make a couple of eggs (about 2 – 3 per person) any style you like.  I prefer scrambled myself, but this is entirely up to you.  If you really want to go traditional, just as the rice cooker stops cooking, drop some eggs on top of the rice and close again.  Let sit and after about 5 – 10 minutes you got some wonderfully cooked sunny side up eggs sitting right on the rice.

To put it all together, scoop out as much rice as you like, into a bowl.  Mix with salt, sesame oil, pepper and some sesame seeds, mix it well, add the eggs and any kind of kimchi. 

Now enjoy!  This will keep you satisfied all morning without making you tired, and it’s great just before or after a Jung SuWon class!  Now go and try it out!

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