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One more thing before I am going to blog my heart out:  I used to be anorexic from age 14 on ….until about age 28 or somewhere there.

Because most of the very popular girls in school were either very thin, or trying to be thin, and since I wasn’t popular at all – it figures that I wanted to be like them to fit in more.  Not that I was fat – I was quite normal for my age.  But I did’t see it that way.  I thought I was sooo fat, and started to eat less and less, and when I did eat, I started taking overdoses of laxatives – and I mean just that.  We are talking serious overdoses here. 

That’s also something I saw the popular girls do, or talk about, and I so desperately wanted to fit in, even I didn’t want to admit it. 

But, this is a blog about food, and not about ways to avoid it.  This is about enjoying the food you purchase, prepare, and eat, without any regrets. 

So, how did I get from anorexic to food blogger? 

After I started training in the Martial Arts, at Jung SuWon to be exact.  My teacher, Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, of course noticed that I was way thin, and also way weak.  She kindly explained that I was destroying not only my body, but also my mind, and that she would help me get back on track to a more normal eating pattern.

She walked her talk.  Within a couple of months I was able to actually enjoy food again.  I wasn’t indulging or anything….but no more laxatives, and long term not eating.  Little by little I was able to realize that food is not the enemy!

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