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I haven’t posted for a few days – I managed to get a cold in the summer! 

One of the things that works almost like magic:  the power of healing teas!  I learned most of them from Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim of Jung SuWon Academy.  She is a powerful Ki Master, and knows many many ancient healing secrets.  Word of caution:  Teas are no substitutes for doctor visits or medications!

I want to share with you some very simple recipes for getting better fast when you are under the weather:

Garlic tea: 

Crush some whole, peeled garlic cloves, maybe around 7 – 9 per cup, and put them into boiling water, enough for as many cups as you are planning to make of tea.  Let that boil for a while, add honey to taste, and drink as hot as you can handle.  Repeat a few times a day, and you’ll feel better fast!


Here is another tea for speed healing a cold:

To boiling water, add some slices of fresh ginger, don’t by shy now!  Also had a couple of slices of lemon, peel included (please wash well before using) and boil that for about 10 minutes, can also be boiled longer.  Add some natural unprocessed honey to taste, and enjoy.

You could, of course, alternate these teas!

Now, these teas are no substitutes for doctor visits, they are not medications, they are simply some of nature’s little helpers to make you feel better faster!  Enjoy!

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